Are you an enterprise looking for more credits for your employees?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are credits and how many do I need?

Credits are used on ollie to book therapy sessions. More credits are used for longer sessions.  For example, a 60-minute therapy session will require more credits to book. Each team will get a credit wallet. This wallet can be used by any team member to instantly book sessions. The number of credits you need will depend on the number of team members you have.


Who can use the credits?

All team members will be given logins to use credits. If you require a limit on the amount of members, we will assist you with this.


How can I top up my monthly credits?

You can easily top up your monthly credits by upgrading your plan. Each plan has a maximum amount of monthly credits that can be used by any team member.


Are the therapists qualified?

Yes, all providers listed on ollie have been vetted and are qualified practitioners. We aim to have the very best providers listed on the platform that can provide ongoing support for your team members when they need it most. We build personal relationships with all providers, and continuous training to ensure they deliver premium mental healthcare.


Can I change my credit plan later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your credit plan. We have designed our mental health credit packages to stay flexible with your team.


What If i decide to cancel?

If you wish to no longer use ollie, you can cancel at anytime. There is no minimum amount of months that you need to use ollie for. You will be required to pay for the last month of your package plan. Once cancelled, your team will be able to use the remaining credit balance.


When do my credits expire?

Credits expire at the end of every month and get renewed at the beginning of every month. For example, if you are on a team plan (50 monthly credits) and your team uses 45 credits. The remaining 5 credits will not carry over into the next month.


Will other members know how many credits I use?

All bookings on ollie are fully anonymous. No other team members, managers or owners will be able to see how many bookings you have made.