Mental health credits for modern teams

Our new world of work can be isolating. Employees need mental health support now more than ever. With ollie, high-performing teams can access support that is finally affordable, anonymous and on team members' own terms.

Ollie health mental health credit wallet for remote teams.

Here's the deal with modern work & the rise of mental health pressures

Your teams can now work from anywhere - but members are overworked and feeling isolated.

Your time is more flexible, but feeling more anxious

Constantly swiping away notifications. Your time doesn't feel like your time anymore.

You’ve thought about talking to someone

But you’re not super excited about spending thousands of rands on weekly sessions.

You keep mental health concerns to yourself

You're scared that you may come across as weak if you express challenges to your boss.

bottom line

Teams really want to get the most out of members without breaking down their emotional and physical health ——

Introducing mental health credits for everyone on your team

Quick booking

Browse and book with top mental health providers within minutes.


Teletherapy chats

Remote teletherapy sessions can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes.


Manage appointments

Build a mental health habit by managing your sessions with providers.


Companies love how easy it is to book mental health sessions

Here to make mental health support more accessible, affordable, and stigma-free.


"We partnered with ollie initially to offer our team a mental health service. As a founder, I have seen mental health continue to be a struggle. It is an initiative that we have really tried to be more intentional about. We now offer credits to all of our hybrid school students and it's proven to be an awesome value-add to our growing student base in South Africa."

Founder of Thought Africa Hybrid School

Mental health platform designed for teams of all sizes

Employees’ mental health needs are constantly changing. Our platform is here to support.

Get started today and offer a service that’s valuable for your team.

Become a healthy team. Not just a busy one.

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    Monthly credits for your team

  • ollie-mental-health-credits-platform

    Full team member onboarding

  • ollie-mental-health-credits-platform

    24/7 support for team members

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