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Rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot

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Third time lucky with Ollie

Honestly I was skeptical of this having tried and failed with a few other online therapy providers (better health etc). Third time really was lucky and I’ve been so impressed to hear from my team directly about the positive impact made on their well-being at work. Thank you! I have 6 team members regular using the platform who have all shared positive feedback.

Lenna Onto

Great britain

We implemented Ollie Health as our...

We implemented Ollie Health as our mental health benefit at our company. The employees love the anonymity and easy of use platform. From a business perspective, onboarding and maintaining our monthly admin is extremely easy and hassle free. Everyone who works at Ollie Health is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend using them to all companies and beyond.

Terri van der Merwe

south Africa

Ollie for team mental health support

We chose Ollie Health as a mental health support platform for our team (mostly based in Barcelona but some are remote-working from the US).I was skeptical about the success of uptake but we are currently on month three and so far we have used up all our credits every month and feedback from the team has been really positive.

Anna Saxby


Ollie - A gift that fell from the sky

I've wanted to take my mental health into my own hands for years now, so when the company I work for announced this would be part of my benefits it felt like a gift just fell into my lap!Ollie Health is a practical, easy-to use, informative platform. It was simple to get accustomed to and was very happy with the suggested counsellor (one of many) I got from the quiz. I haven't found any issues with it so far and have been using for a few months. Great service!!

Kesha Kabahizi

South Africa

Ollie should play a critical role in any company

Ollie takes away the stigma of mental health problems and normalises them in the workplace. It provides a safe space to discuss challenges at work or in your personal life. There are many well-qualified therapists available to assist you in various areas. I used Ollie to help me navigate changes that were out of my control. The therapy sessions gave me perspective and helped me remain calm and responsive.

Jane Avis

united States

Thank you

I was impressed by how welcoming my MH Expert was and how she provided me with the best support.

Isaac Komezusenge

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The world's premier mental health super app backed by 150+ global experts.
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