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Apply now and become a verified credit partner,  recurring monthly revenue selling mental health credits.

Becoming a credit partner

Join our network of credit partners and start earning by selling mental health credits globally.

Ollie’s credit partners are mission critical to helping us scale mental health accessibility globally.

Credit partners join our partner channels and receive monthly payouts on every credit sold.

How to become a partner?

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Get upfront training and ongoing support through our dedicated partner  channel.

Turn your network into revenue

Sell mental health credits to directly to your network and earn.

Earn recurring revenue

Receive monthly recurring revenue on every credit you sell. Paid out monthly.

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Who we partner with

HR Professionals and Consultants: Individuals directly involved in employee wellness and development programs.

Corporate Wellness Coaches and Trainers: Professionals who
specialize in corporate wellness.

Mental Health Practitioners: Psychologists, therapists, and counsellors might be interested in becoming credit partners to offer additional resources to their clients.

Healthcare Organization: Especially those focusing on mental health and employee wellness programs.

Educational Institutions: Particularly those with programs in HR, organizational psychology, and employee wellness.

Insurance Brokers: Offer clients mental health credits as part of their health and wellness plans, enhancing the value of their insurance packages.

Financial Brokers and Advisors: Integrate mental health credits into their portfolio of services, providing a holistic approach to financial and personal well-being for their clients.

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