Mental Health Credits

Have your own remote therapist to supercharge your career growth.

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Supporting the top global teams

The world's top teams use therapy as a competitive advantage. You can too. Who uses Ollie? High performing teams that look after talent. 150+ companies in 16 countries. Big, small, remote or hybrid.

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Let's be honest here, modern work has its problems

Burnout, it's real

Unplugging from work feels impossible now. Slack messages, email it never ends. Burnout costs teams millions per year.

Feeling isolated

We are the new generation of work. But, building relationships in an online world can be hard. We all need to feel supported.

Anxiety to perform

The new world of work is high pace high stakes. Without support, imposter syndrome starts to take over.

Money stress

Cripples creativity. It's caused by factors such as high living costs, income volatility, rising expenses, and job insecurity.

Getting help is hard

Fear of judgment. Definitely. But, therapy and opening up hasn’t always been accessible to everyone.

So, what makes Ollie so special then?

Somewhere along the line therapy became complex. Not to mention expensive. Using credits is refreshingly simple. Designed for you, wherever you are in the world.

1. It's simple to use

So simplify. You'll only get support if it's easy. Book a session in seconds

2. Live virtual sessions

You can’t wait days for help. Sessions with us can be booked instantly

3. Fully anonymous

This is your safe space. Sessions appear on your calendar just like any other meeting

4. Sessions are global

Connect with therapists and other remote workers around the world

Therapy, that actually fits into your lifestyle

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Group Therapy Pods

Group therapy sessions help you connect with others experiencing the same struggles as you. Join with your camera off or on. Led by licensed mental health professionals.

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Therapy Streaks

Get rewarded for building mental fitness. How often should you go to therapy? Once, twice, three times? Continuous therapy builds mental strength to help counter dips and spikes.

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Learn with Shorts

Mental health content that is actually relatable and fits into your lifestyle. Learn from industry leaders on how to build your mental strength.

Not your 2009 "wellness program"

You select your remote therapist that you can build a relationship with.
Trained to help with modern pressures like burnout & social anxiety.

Charlotte Meijvis
Mental Health Provider
Courtenay Pottow
Mental Health Provider
Jason Nicholl
Mental Health Provider

Your safe space. From anywhere in the world

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