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llustration depicting Ollie Health's credit wallet providing full team accessllustration depicting Ollie Health's credit wallet providing full team accessVarious images depicting the flexibility of Ollie Health's credit system in providing diverse mental health supportVarious images depicting the flexibility of Ollie Health's credit system in providing diverse mental health supportllustration depicting Ollie Health's credit wallet providing full team accessIcas Counsellingllustration depicting Ollie Health's credit wallet providing full team access

You’re not alone. Join upcoming group pods.

Fully anonymous group sessions led by industry experts.

September 12, 2023

60 min

Founder Session: Coping with Tech Overload & Digital Distractions

Led by

Pippa Rauch

August 29, 2023

60 min

Founder Session: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Led by

Pippa Rauch

August 24, 2023

60 min

Stepping Off Autopilot: Mindful Living

Led by

Molebogeng Mpofu

August 14, 2023

60 min

Unlocking Healing: Art Therapy & Creativity

Led by

August 10, 2023

60 min

Navigating Mid-Year Burnout

Led by

Molebogeng Mpofu

flexibility over your mental health journey

Everyone’s mental health journey looks different. Use your Ollie credits to access flexible support that just works.

Custom group sessions led by mental health experts offered by Ollie Health
ollie sessions

Access mental health support from anywhere in the world.

Short educational videos from experts on mental health topics provided by Ollie Health
ollie shorts

Give your team the benefits of sessions, in 60 sec videos from experts on helpful topics.

Graphic representing the increase in employee retention through Ollie Health's habit-forming initiatives
ollie streaks

Increase employee retention through healthy habit forming behaviours.

Custom group sessions led by mental health experts offered by Ollie Health
ollie pods

Customised group sessions for your team, led by mental health experts.

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With over 175,000+ minutes of individual sessions and over 12,000+ credits used to date, we’re helping companies build healthy teams.

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How does this Ollie thing work?

You buy mental health credits which allow you to have live virtual therapy sessions via video call from anywhere in the world. We call these mental health credits. You can finally have your own remote therapist at a fraction of the cost.

How do Ollie credits work?

With our credits system, you have a mental health wallet that works like a bank account. You can use your credits to book private or group sessions, with each session type requiring a certain amount of credits:

- 30-minute therapy session = 2 credits
- 60-minute therapy session = 4 credits
- 60-minute group therapy session = 1 credit

What types of mental health experts are available on Ollie?

Ollie offers a range of licensed therapists such as:

- Industrial Psychologists
- Educational Psychologists
- Registered Counsellors
- Specialist Wellness Counsellors
- Clinical Social Workers
- Other Registered Counsellors (e.g. Spiritual, LGBTQ etc)

Is Ollie available in all countries?

Ollie is now available in over 16 countries, but we're constantly expanding. If we haven't reached your country or time zone yet, please let us know at We'll work hard to provide you with a session that fits your needs.

How do I find the right mental health provider?

To find the perfect therapist for you, just follow these simple steps:

- Log in to Ollie and click "View all therapists" to see the full list available to you
- Use the search bar at the top to look for specific keywords like "anxiety" or filter by language
- Take our quick quiz for a personalized therapist match.
Reach out to your Ollie Helper at for more personalized assistance


How much does Ollie cost?

- You can book a once-off therapy session for $15
- Become a monthly member plus for $29 per month
- Business credit packages from just $190 per month

Do you offer personal plans?

Absolutely. Ollie company credits are designed for modern teams. We don't believe in pay per team member. Credits are for unlimited members. No long-term contract. Cancel anytime. It's the most affordable therapy platform globally.

Does Ollie offer a free trial?

Of course. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality mental health care. That's why we offer credits as a simple and convenient way to pay for therapy sessions. One credit can be used to book a group therapy session, while two credits can be used to book a private session with a licensed mental health professional. It's easy to use your credits and get the support you need, whether you're a remote worker or part of a growing company.


Is Ollie secure and confidential?

Yes, takes privacy and security very seriously. All virtual therapy sessions are encrypted and a unique private meeting link is generated for each new session.